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Who am I? 👔

I am a physicist, science and technology lover who has developed his profession around the world of IT consulting, and who continues learning and improving his knowledge in all possible areas.


I have been interested in science since I was a child. I am a curious person who wants to know everything, I finally studied physics, which apart from feeding my curiosity, has provided me with a fund of knowledge and skills to face any type of technical, mathematical or scientific challenge.


I love programming. I have been working for lots of years as SD/ABAP consultant, in different type of projects, principally industrial and products customers. I love also programming in python language because its possibilities in Machine Learning and all-in one swiss army beast of doing everything you need.


Above all, I am a family man, my wife and daughter are everything to me and I love them with all my soul.My father and mother are my example and a great support in my life. And, of course, my blood brother who has given me a lot of support and trust for half of my life.


When the world leaves me I'm going to swim, I've been swimming all my life and it brings you some personal moments to relax, think and, of course, play sports.


All my activities (holidays, weekends, hobbies) are focused in the forest/mountain. I need to walk, discover, see and touch the mother nature.

Visit my Portfolio 🖖

I have created Portfolio with some personal projects I have developed in terms of training and demonstration of my professional DS skills.

I expect that this portfolio let you to see what could be done with data analysis, machine learning or general python scripting so you love them as I love them.

And also if you are looking for someone with several experience in IT, Software engineering, with math statistical knowledge, technical/functional skills in business ERP and different web/app/science programming you could contact with me.


My science background let me analyse lots of different casuistic from economics one to complex mathematics, good personal ecosystem to discover and analyze data in business analytics projects.

Machine Learning

I have developed different regression/classification algorithms supervised/no supervised. Analyzing Accuracy and Model Comparision, variable preselection, datacleaning, pipelines...

Programming Expert

My DS skills are powered with great experience programming, always working using ITIL framework and AGILE methodology.

Business View

Lots of years doing ERP consulting side by side with the business has focused me on cost/benefit objectives. Always in an accurate attractive presentation.

What will you find? 🕵

You will find different projects and topics developed. I will give the code for each sample and my analysis.

  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • ML model comparision and Accuracy Study
  • Data Cleaning and self developed algorithms to vectorize uncommon data
  • WebScrapping
  • Mathematical Models
  • DashBoards and Dynamic Presentations
  • ML Explotation Through Webservices
  • ...

DS Portfolio

Quotes to be inspired

Some quotes that I have tried to follow deep inside me 💪🏽

Clint Eastwood

What you put into life is what you get from it.

Albert Einstein

Try not to be a successful man. Instead, try to become a man of value.

Sergi García

Happiness is not a goal but a lifestyle.